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  1. BMW S1000rr Moto owner

    Hi everyone. New to the forum. From the US.. Interested in learning about the basic/usual structure of the BMW Bosch ECUs. Tuning BMW motorcycles but know the ECUs are very similar. Hard to find information for tuning them. Looking at different ignition maps and Lambda maps mainly. Its very...
  2. moto gp about to start

    BFuk Open Topic
    on bbc 2 starting in a sec anybody else watching :thumbsup
  3. Moto Gp - Laguna seca

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    Cant wait for the race tonight. This has to be one of the best races of the entire motorsport calender regardless of being 4 or 2 wheels. really hoping Rossi can get back into the winning / podium groove now and give lorenzo a dam good run to the end. Fingers crossed.
  4. Moto GP - Garry McCoy returns!

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    This guy is a legend! Albeit he probably won't be able to slide 'em around like he used to cos of the damn TC, but he'll hopefully add a bit of colour to the scene anyway. :thumbsup
  5. midi moto parts???

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    I just brought my lad a second hand midi moto that needs new forks but can find anyone who sells parts,all i can find is mini moto parts :mad anyone know of a good parts site or have some bits forsale? :thumbsup
  6. did any 1 watch the moto gp 2day

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    wow! my heart was in my mouth