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  1. Motech Performance Shop
    All, I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike for many years. I have recently bought a BMW E91 320d M Sport, which I will be taking to Mike shortly to map, and this is why. Previous to this, a drove a VW Bora 130bhp model with 160k on the clock. Speaking to Mike, he gave me some choices as to...
  2. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series Worth a little look ! :rofl
  3. Motech Performance Shop
    We are offering £50.00 off the RRP.. Let us know what got and we can go from there... Thanks Mike
  4. Motech Performance Shop
    Just a quick review on the Remap Mike at Motech did for me last year and my experience. I wanted to give it a good test before running out and singing its praises straight after the remap (When the initial excitment of the extra power might have made my opinion a little bias). Anyway, I've...
  5. Motech Feedback Forum
    Hi, has Motech changed its number 01604810000 is NU. Thanks Ed