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    Looking for a induction kit for my car and can't find anything online that will fit thats a full set up and not just a cone? the cars a 2004 E46 3 series 318ti compact any help would be super great cheers guys.
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    Just found some pictures of my old cars and was wondering what people have spent on motors in there life (moddifying wise) this was my pride and joy, had a £6k paint job :eek full custom exhausts, dash, rollcage.... basically everything was custom :D then from this i moved onto the car i...
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    Many many times i look at a moddified car and think god that must have cost an absolute fortune! i meen say a standard car, add the body kits, suspension, wheels, brakes, engine mods etc! you can end up paying 50% more than the car your trying to imitate! and it will still be worth some times...