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    Hello guys. So my main stat needs replacing due to temps not going above 75. I rang a BMW specialist and they want £100 just for labour charge, is that right? Im great with DIY. Changed the breather filter as well as the EGR stat on my m57tu2 (730d). I was going to change the main stat but...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    .... a Jaguar XJS!??!!?!?! I was having a re-test at an MOT place, it had failed on handbrake effectiveness. So I'm sat in the waiting room and the guy called out "Jaguar!". I thought I mis-heard him but as I was the only person waiting I brought the car on. He asked where the fail cert was, it...
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    Stumbled across this - one of the new MG cars launching this year (MG6 Fastback) - looks like it's had some 'inspired' paintwork: Looks like they've pinched the dash ideas from the VAG group: still not a bad looking car I guess... considering it's an MG..