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  1. General BMW Discussions
    I'm a new driver and due to taxes being dumb high (Greece) I'm "forced" in the range of 1.6L engines. Sadly the e46 316 is barely 120 bhp so I'm wondering if a Cooper S with about 170 bhp would be more fun to drive. Opinions?
  2. General BMW Discussions
    I’ve been thinking about getting a Mini next time around as the 3 series is a bit big for my needs and I’ve always liked them. Does anyone have experience of Mini’s and what they are like to run as a daily? Just looking and researching at the moment but I could be tempted by any of the...
  3. Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi guys, Long time since ive been on here, back when i had my 330i. I now have a mini cooper s with an issue and need help, not getting any luck on the mini forums yet :( anyway.... I have owned mini now for 8 weeks (3 weeks working 5 weeks and counting broken). However my sister today went to...
  4. Turbocharging your BMW
    Hi people Just a quick question. Are the BMW f20 116i and mini r56 cooper s coil packs the same as I'm wanting to upgrade my coil packs as I've had a few go down on me when driving. Cheers
  5. BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Sorry no pictures with this but it may help someone in the future. I had need to access the lights switch on my E63. I sought help via you-tube which as it tuned out wasn't helpful for an E63, and from two pros who insisted all BMW air vents, of which the lighting switch is a part, are push/pull...
  6. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    The car is 2 & half weeks old with 400 miles on the clock so I just wanted a bit of protection etc on it. I thought I'd give Chris a call at CJW Detailing Liverpool to see what he would suggest (below) Excellent service and a excellent job ! The afters is below, i found it hard to get better...
  7. Introductions
    okay here goes first post, ok i have a non going bmw mini r56,red steering symbol on..have removed elv unit from the steering job that was..i am a mechanic,so have used scan tool to acess codes,but cant reset counter as the scan tool is not able <tool old>..I Have Purchased All the...
1-7 of 63 Results