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  1. milestone mileage - good these BMWs eh?

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    join me in raising a glass to my fantastic 10 year old 320D [m47;)], works hard tramping up and down motorways as part of my work. still enjoy every journey in it. here's to another 100k or so.:thumbsup
  2. Woohoo 7000 posts a milestone...

    BFuk Open Topic
    just noticed 70001 posts on the clock for DD..:D a salute and in yer face to the Naziland and the biggest drop bollack ever..:thumbsup
  3. 90k and nearly nine years milestone...

    General BMW Discussions
    well she tipped 90k today shes nearly 9 years old and she is still on everything original from factory..all suspension springs wishbones, rear bushes,shox is all original,everything under the bonnet is all original (bar belts and filters etc) from factory all the pumps,alternator,MAF the...
  4. 1996 m3evo cab. mileage milestone

    General BMW Discussions
    I took the old girl out this week for a spin as the weather was nice! as i was driving along noticed i just passed 30k!!:frown Not too bad for a 13 year old car i suppose!!:rofl