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  1. Hello from an MG to BMW convert

    Hi. We after months of research and talking to BMW owners and the BMW's I have driven in, have decided to take the plunge. Currently driving the UK's worst ever car. The MG ZR. Got it as my first UK car for insurance purposes and well, I was stupid. Now 31 years old and wanting a proper car...
  2. from Rotherham, with an MG zt cti

    Hi guys, sorry but i dont drive a BMW, but drive an MGZT CDTI.. as you will know it has the BMW M47 engine, and a lot of other BMW PARTS.. and electrics.. ive joined to try to gain info on the inpa ediabas system and to try to get comms with my car.. , hopefully someone can help me and guide me...
  3. Bored MG owner

    Well howdy there, as the title suggest I own an MG ZR which I have become bored of, it was a fun first car but now I want more. I've spent years lusting over my dads E46 M3 I've decided an E46 is a suitable replacement, specificity a 320ci or 323ci. I'm off to skulk around and read everything...
  4. M3 'SMG' issue....looking for help/advice

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi All, Stumbled across this site when looking for advice relating to my car, and there was some really good stuff on here. So, I thought I'd join up and post myself. I have a black 2003 M3 SMG Convertible. It has 53k miles and is fully loaded - it really is my dream car! Had it for nearly 2...
  5. New MG cars.. not to be mistaken for BMW's

    General BMW Discussions
    Stumbled across this - one of the new MG cars launching this year (MG6 Fastback) - looks like it's had some 'inspired' paintwork: Looks like they've pinched the dash ideas from the VAG group: still not a bad looking car I guess... considering it's an MG..
  6. MG Midget M3

    General BMW Discussions
    Anyone want the new M3 Midget