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    where do i get hold of Club stickers and merchandise etc quite a few meets going on although im members of other groups id still like to represent my original club....??????????
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    OK, so I need a new coat, it's cold and the screwed up dirty old jacket in the boot is no longer good enough.. Whilst visiting my local Stealer I perused a "BMW Lifestyle" catalogue while waiting and found a nice, subtle, M sport coat. Waterproof, thermal, nice red lining, little "///M" on...
  3. General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Hi all. We have managed to negotiate a cracking rate for quality baseball caps. These will feature bimmerfoums branding "" along the front in silver embroidery, to match the design of the cap. the caps will be available in black with a light grey contrast (Please see pic)...
  4. General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Right You Lot:rofl:rofl As i have resently had some further interest, i think its time to start another order, so as some may know to get these prices i need to order 30+ garments, so here are the prices and details, so all you need to do at this piont is add you name to the list and NOT make...
  5. General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Right guys i have 1 x XL HOODIE AT £16.00 1 x XL POLO SHIRT AT £14.00 up for grabs, please see here if wanted These items will be with me on Thursday of this week:thumbsup:thumbsup thanks
  6. General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Right Guys We are please to now offer official branded merchandise for the forum, this will entail at first hoodies and polo shirts which with have the logo embroidered on to the garment, not a crap sticker:hihi then further down the line i will move towards further goods:thumbsup So the deal...