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  1. Fresh Meat

    Hello!! Newbie here, trying to find a decent BMW forum for some info and inspiration. New to BMW ownership so I need to unlearn Audi/VW and get some BMW knowledge. I've just bought a 2010 320d Touring M Sport Business Edition, first impressions are I really like, for a diesel estate it feels...
  2. Hello new meat for the grinder here

    Hi there. Have come back the the badge after a good few years away. Owned a fare few e30 s and 36 s then went all sensible for and while but now I'm hooked again. When I last had bimmers there was not such thing as forums and the only help you got was being a member of a bmw club,thank god...
  3. meat or no meat (vegetarian or not)

    BFuk Open Topic
    just wondered what kinda percentage of bmw owners are vegi!? fairly pointless yes, but i'm basking in my ability to eat meat whenever i want as i have just split up with my vegetarian girlfriend! i'll chuck a poll in, and out of interest anyone who is, what reason do they have to be vegi?
  4. Fresh meat, fresh to bmw's too!

    Hi all, Im Keith, just bought my 1st bmw, its a 92' 318i. Have a problem with clutch, will post in proper section:D