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  1. Hello + Torque (Android) + Mayonnaise

    Hi all. Last year I made a transition from old Audi 80s to my old 323i, with a MK3 Mondeo in between (let's not even go there). The Beemer's been a really good car so far; done the last 10,000 miles without missing a beat and has generally been really enjoyable; especially the RWD! However...
  2. E36 1996 328i sport mayonnaise on dipstick

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi All I realise that there may be similar questions on here, but I wanted to ask about my specifics. There is mayonnaise (a fair amount) on the inside of my oil cap and at the top of the thing that you put the oil into (ahem... showing my knowlege there), and a very small amount at the top of...