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  1. M50B20 stroker to M52B28 Pistons issue

    Hello, I am assisting a friend with his project. In general we have M50B20 engine block with increased cylinder bore to 84mm, cylinder head from M52B25, Crankshaft,Pistons (from aluminum block) and Rods,fuel injectors from M52TUB28, everything else (with some exceptions) from M52B20. I have the...
  2. E36 - M50B20 N/V to M52B28 from a E39

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Morning! I currently have 92' E36 320 winterbeater with a M50B20 non vanos lump.. I've been thinking about swapping in a bigger engine, and early E39 525s go for almost nothing around here, so taking out the engine of one of those have been an idea for me. Now here comes the question, what would...
  3. E36 M50B20 320i fuelpump relay clicking

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hello guys, I've got some problems on my 320i, one day it won't start at first rev, i need to try it 2-3 times. Before start on key position 2 (inst. cluster lights on) the fuel pump relay is just clicking, for appr. 3-5 sec. Have anybody got the same problem ? Thank you so much.
  4. Power issues m50b20 with single vanos

    General BMW Discussions
    Soooo.... I brought a 320i saloon REAL cheap and the guy said it overheated once. It had no water in at all so we filled it up and voila, its holding temps but , up to around 3.5k revs there is literally 20hp the car is slow and sluggish, i cant think of a problem as i dont think its the head...
  5. E36 M50B20 to M52B28 conversion. Drive shaft too short!

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi. I'm new to doing engine conversions. Few weeks ago decided to swap my 2.0l engine to a 2.8l one. The car I have is 1993 E36 320i manual coupe. I have swapped engine already. Haven't done all electrics or piping yet. At the minute facing a problem with drive shaft. It is about 2-3 cm too...
  6. OBD1 M50B20 into OBD2 318is M44b19

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Ok having a hard time getting information on this. My car is obd2 1999 318is with M44 fitted. If I get an OBD1 M50b20 from a 1994 320i will I have issues getting it going? I know I have to bypass the ews box by crossing the 2 wires and the 320 brain has no ews. I am reading up stuff like the car...
  7. e36 M50B20 to M52B28 conversion - what's the best way?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    I've got a 320i coupe with a blown head gasket, and want to put in a 2.8 M52 engine from a donor car. I'm not sure what the easiest way to do the swap would be - do I just transplant the whole engine, OBD2 wiring loom, etc over into the car (which seems like a lot of wiring to deal with) or do...
  8. M52B28TU / M54B30 swap into BMW E36 320i M50B20 1992

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hello friends! I was looking for good engine for my BMW lately and I found out, that getting one of those engines is the cheapest way to increase power. But, there are few problems. First of all - what exactly do I need? I know so far: complete engine - these words are complete mystery for me...
  9. Help with stroker (math) - head, pistons, compression m50b20 -> m50b25 -?> m50b30

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hello friends! I am new on this forum and I apologise for being total newbie in matter of BMW and mechanics (and sorry if I posted this in wrong category). I got a problem while working on my stroker E36 M50B20 (1992). I am not sure what if I understand correctly calculations I was trying to...
  10. Gearbox Swap M50b20 Touring e34

    BMW 5 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E12
    Hello, this is my first post in the Bimmer Forum. I am the proud owner of a e34 Touring 520i (non-vanus) from 02/92. My gearbox and Clutch are in bad shape. I've a new clutch to swap the old one , and I was thinking on putting a new gearbox, I've a opportunitty of swapping mine to a m50b25...
  11. Swap Engine M50b20 to M52b28 on E36 from 02/1993

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi, Im looking for help or just a opinion about the my mechanic already done. My car is a original E36 320i with 2.0 engine with vanos and DME MS40.1 and i bought for a good price a M52b28 with gearbox , transmission e lsd. My mechanic are mounting only the engine and gearbox with all...
  12. e34 520i , m50b20 to m50b25 conversion, rough idle

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi guys im after a bit of advice, I bought a e34 and shortly after purchasing it I found the head gasket and head to be shot, so.. I hunted for a replacement engine, but alas I could only get a m50b25 engine to drop in, alot of people say that the direct swap will work no problems however, after...
  13. AC on E34 91 M50B20

    BMW 5 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E12
    Hello everybody, I am new on this forum so I apologies for any future mistakes. I don’t have AC on my car so I want to install the system. I have all I need from a mechanical point of view but I have some trouble doing the electrical part. Can somebody please explain how the system works ...
  14. m50b20 vs m50b25

    General BMW Discussions
    please someone tell me the difference would the b20 be restrictive on a 328i? would i get greater gains from the b25? cheers jay
  15. E34 520i M50B20 Overfuelling! O2 sensor heater relay?

    BMW 5 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E12
    Ok now some of you may or may not know that I have an over-fuelling issue with my E34 520. So today I went to see my mate and got the codes read, the scanner said that the was a problem with the O2 sensor heater relay. So upon further investigation we discovered that there is no O2 sensor...
  16. E36 M50B20 to M50B25

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi All, After my Intro this is my first post...I have inherited a BMW 1994 E36 320i 2 door convertible from my brother. It has been standing for a year or so and is a little mouldy, however I can imagine it to be a great car with a little TLC. My brother sais that the engine is blown/seized...
  17. 1994 E34 520i - m50b20 manual changing with e36 m50b25 from an auto

    BMW Engine Conversions
    does the wiring loom work as a direct change? or can you use the orginal from the 520?
  18. 1995 E34 520i sedan m50b20 - right indicator and right fog lamp light problem

    Auto Electrical Forum
    hi there having a problem as in the title - these lights just don't want to work. anyone knows how to solve it ? lightbulbs are brand new i've also changed proper fuses.. help plz can't pass inspection..
  19. M50B20 turbo compression ratio HELP!!!

    General BMW Discussions
    has anyone turbo charged and bmw 520i or the 525i petrol succesfully and if so how did u go about lowering the standard compression ratio first ????? thank you
  20. 1993 E36 316i M50B20 Cams

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi everyone! Is there any advantage in putting M50B25 vanos cams in a M50B20 vanos? Are the 2.5 cams more aggressive? TIA