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  1. BMW E63/E64 V8 - N62 Engine - Stop Smoking (if you are lucky) - often attributed to Valve Guide Seals

    Technical Guides for BMW E24, E63, E64, F12, F13.
    I'm always surprised when members go off immediately to a mechanic when the car starts smoking on idle and when accelerating - from my own experience 50% - 60% of smoking cases are actually the Pressure Control Valves rather than the Valve Stem Seals. If you have smoking problems, do this first!
  2. Speeding let off - lucky lucky lucky man today!

    BFuk Open Topic
    As above feeling like I'm living a charmed existence today, 5.15 this morning nothing on the road I was doing 50ish in a 30. All of a sudden blues and twos appear behind me so I pull over. He comes to the side opens his window and says come on mate, 'I know its early and there's nothing on the...
  3. How lucky am I? E84 first time ISTA/P use

    Diagnostic Hardware and Software Discussion forum
    So over the last week or so I've been forced to get my spare laptop working with ISAT/D and P along with INPA - due to rear suspension airbag going on my E61. All successful and very stable compared to my original ISTA/D installation on another laptop, with a spurious lead which gave different...
  4. E46 Diesel swirl flap, lucky escape

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Decided to check the swirl flaps on my 2.0 Cd coupe today, Just thought i,d let you guys see the pics i took, Dont think it would have gone much further !!!! :eek
  5. 2003 E46 BMW 320d Touring - Four Swirl Flaps - One Lucky Owner

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Had my swirl flaps removed yesterday by an independent BMW specialist in Lincoln. I asked him to keep them for posterity... appears someone upstairs is/was looking out for me. As you can see one of the flaps had become unattached! Car has done 113k. Owned it for about 1 month, done 1k in...
  6. Lucky buggers

    General BMW Discussions
    Went to the place we get our MOTs done last week and the company down the road from them have new cars every 2 years. They have had these for a while now, but first time I've got some pics: Also saw this on the way there: =/
  7. How lucky Am I!

    General BMW Discussions
    Just gone to use my car and thought it looked a little low at the front but didn't really pay much attention to it. got in it and tried to drive off then realised something was very wrong. got out and looked closer to realise the suspension spring has collapsed over night. I am very lucky this...
  8. Lucky,Lucky,Lucky

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi all just won €1,000 Euro at JoaCasino les pins in South West France. Cool, almost a free holiday. They escorted me out to the 530d and spent 15 mins admiring it, don't see many BM's over here. Might have a night in the George Cinq in Paris on the way home.
  9. Oh you lucky boy (Steve)

    BFuk Open Topic
    You never thought you'd have found the head unit you wanted so cheap and quickly hey !!! Oh you Lucky Lucky Boy :rofl Heres what it looks like :thumbsup
  10. Lucky....

    General BMW Discussions
    BMW in car safety... Amazing, i will never ever own another car thats not a BMW, just hit a tree at 50 (80) :D. I should be dead but these cars are amazing, 11 year old the Chassis is still solid not one snap, Get this wheel snapped and wishbone, nothing wrong with the chassis! Side airbags...
  11. One VERY lucky Z4 owner.

    BFuk Open Topic
    YouTube - Incredible luck :hihi
  12. Hi all - from a lucky(?) 728i owner

    Hi All, I just bought this 2001- E38 728i... 100k on odo.. for what to me seems like a good price.. 1.5k ... right now on feeling like a good deal.. hope it remains so till MOT in august :)
  13. MOTD on now and how lucky?

    BFuk Open Topic
    wayne rooney should never have been on the pitch to score man u's 3rd? wtf? red card for the elbow surely???
  14. Advice from all you lucky E46 owners!

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi everyone, I have just joined and introduced myself in the into section (funnily enough!) I am looking to get a 330ci Coupe, as I want a practical but fun car, but I have been a bit put off by the 22mpg figures I keep reading about. I believe the 330 has 231bhp (?) and have heard the 330d is...
  15. how lucky are wee?

    General BMW Discussions
    just a note too remind us off how good the vendors on our forum youse know how impressed i was with emaps scotlands job on my baby and ther have been many others applauding ap tuning,,the end etc..anyways..i was speaking withe farak(emaps scotland)about a group meet remap that was...
  16. you guys are lucky

    BFuk Open Topic
    :lol like i said. I've just been looking through e-bay and pistonheads. You guys pay way less for lets say a E36 M3. If i calculate everything, i can buy a M3 put a dutch license plate on and have it ready to drive here for about 5K in euro's. Over here we pay 15K for a saloon without...
  17. I'm a lucky B*****D

    BFuk Open Topic
    went out last night and lost my key fob to my car in the local park, came home tried to unlock with the key the key goes in but does not turn. :confused got a lift and went back to everywhere I'd been there was 6 of us with torches and couldn't find anything:frown went on a bike ride this...
  18. anyone lucky enough to see this group ?

    BFuk Open Topic
    The one group i always wanted to go and see but unfortunately Phil Lynoty died before i ever got the chance YouTube - THIN LIZZY GOT TO GIVE IT UP
  19. I had a lucky one last night!!

    General BMW Discussions
    My mate asked me to go help him tow his Fiesta he just bought, bought as a project as its running a CVH turbo, hybrid T3, ext gate, R5GTT carb, fmic etc... Didn't finish until late, got it to where we had to, then he dropped me back at his so I could drive my car home. Driving home, I noticed...
  20. Lucky stuff thats been happening to me recently

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hello 3 weeks ago went shopping paid for everything all food shopping. Then checked after they didn't charge for a big box of ice creams LOL.:rofl Then Last week went to anther supermarket wanted £20 in my mobile phone. They made a mistake then had to cancel it. Then wanted to try it again but...