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  1. BMW Engine Conversions
    This engine conversion is a bit of a story. It started about 3 years ago when I bought a 5.7l V8 out of a monaro with the gear box. My car started life as a 328i but I felt it needed more power. I am no mechanic so took the car to a garage that was recommended for fabrication work. There they...
  2. BMW Engine Conversions
    I do some wiring work for Craig Taylor @ apart from running a motorcycle dyno Craig is also an expert fabricator/engineer & puts LS 1/2/3 engines into different cars I've wired a dozen or so up for him & the V8 rumble/torque has finally got under my skin so he's making me...
  3. BMW Engine Conversions
    I cant find anywhere that would suply this engine, any ideas anyone?
  4. BMW Engine Conversions
    hey guys, just found this on the web. this is commitment -
  5. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hello Everybody, I am new to the forum but have been doing a lot of research on it. I am going to undertake a project over this coming year of installing a 2005 LS1 V8 from a monaro into a 328i donar car. I would like to state from the outset I am by no stretch of the imagination a mechanic so...
  6. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi all :-) I'm looking to put a 5.7 V8 in an e36 m3 evo . Main question - where the h**l do you buy the engine from? I would prefer brand new but will buy used if low milles and good price. So anyone know where I can get the engine from and how much it'll cost? Thanks.
  7. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi, my name is Dan and this is my first post on the forum. I have gained a massive amount of information and knowledge from using this forum and thought I'd best start with a thanks for all those users that are willing to give a bit of there time to help others. I come from an engineering...
1-7 of 8 Results