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  1. Car lover's experience of claiming with Chris Knott

    Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, you'll be aware we regularly post examples of the feedback we receive and these are geared more around members' experience of our prices. But here's an unsolicited tale of the experience of one car club member who needed our help when his car was stolen... "Well as promised here is my...
  2. New to this forum, fellow M3 lover

    Hi, hoping this is an active forum. Im from NI and I'm on my 3rd E36 M3. I am currently restoring a Dakar 3.0L at the minute. In the evenings I love nothing better than trolling the internet with a box a coors lol. Might treat myself to a 535d daily this year, hence why I registered to be...
  3. Quick hello from a returning E36 lover.

    Hello all, Just wanted to say a quick hello as a new/returning member(Had a 318is coupe a while back, But never introduced myself). After many other cars, The lure of getting back in a E36 was to much and decided to purchase another one a while back. Done a fair bit of work but its coming along...
  4. Bimmer lover new to the UK!

    Hey guys, I'm new to the UK BMW scene.. just would like to say hello. I hail from Kuala Lumpur, I own an E36 saloon and an E46 convertible, but they're both not with me right now. One my parents are using, and another, I lent to a friend. I am now a student in London. I have talked my wife...
  5. E36 Lover saying Hi,

    Hey :thumbsup Been on the e36coupe forum for a couple of years and have racked up a great knowledge and made quite a few friends so i though i would come over here, join up say hi.. My previous bmw car history considering i am now only 19 and have only been driving 1years and a bit consist...
  6. New bmw lover

    Hi everyone, My name is Stef and I am new to the forum and owning a bmw.I've always liked vw's now I wonder why I bothered with anything but a beemer.This is a great site and hopefully it will help with my plans of putting a 328 engine into my 318 compact.:cool
  7. Car lover, New to BMW

    How you doing follks? As above, love cars, change ma car about every 6 month, on a BMW 318is coupe '94' 182K miles (had for 3 month). Good fun so far with heavy rain, frost and some snow. No doubt knowing me i'll move on soon. Thinking about a Volvo s40 T4 already.... Sorry... Might not...