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  1. BMW 320i E90 facelift buying guide and what to lookout for

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hello everyone. Just joined and looking for some guide from genuine owners please. I have spotted a BMW for sale, its a 320i SE 2009 170bhp so the later engine E90. The car has very high miles 140k for a 6 year old car but i only drive about 8k per year so that has not put me off . The car has...
  2. New On the lookout for a 530D

    Hi guys, I'm on the hunt for a 530D budget of 7-9k looking for the lci model? M Sport if possible with reasonable mileage Am I being over optimistic in what I want? Any advice you guys can offer when looking at the 530? Thanks Mike
  3. On the lookout - 330d m sport e46

    Hi guys, I've been looking through the forum over the last few days and looking forward to picking your brains' for all things e46. I have questions already... I am looking for a sub 100k 330d manual. How can I make sure the turbo is not on the way out? Should I buy one at this mileage that...
  4. Newbie here on the lookout 330d m sport 2005

    Hello! I currently own a clio 172 cup and love it most fun car i've owned but i have now had it 5 long years and fancy something a little more grown up but still fun and has decent pace. I have never owned a rwd car so obviously never had a BMW, I live in hampshire but have all my family up in...
  5. Anyone on the lookout for a new hoover?

    BFuk Open Topic
    In the process of finishing decorating the kitchen and was in Curry's today looking for a new fridge/freezer now it's almost complete.. I noticed that they had a good deal on Dyson hoovers - they're giving 25% off of all Dysons when you trade in your old hoover!! needless to say my old one is...
  6. On the lookout!

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site The reason I joined up is I plan on venturing into the world of BMW ownership..hopefully in the shape of an e39 530d m sport I'm not familiar with Bm's so I joined here to get some advice from proper enthusiasts If anyone knows of a 530d m sport up for sale...