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    Hi im going to be breaking my e46 328ci soon and just wondered what I do with the log book? Do I just send it off as the car has been scrapped? I know its abit of a stupid question but iv never broken or scrapped a car before. Thanks. :)
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    hiya guys. sadly after my dads death, i was given the task of selling his car for my mam. the car is irrevelant, but what i do need to know is (im sure someone on here will know, or has had experience of this ) . . i am legally the owner of the car, although the logbook will come back in my...
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    as above theres a section im not sure what to right cheers
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    As above applying for a logbook, make, bmw, model?? E46 or 320cd Please help as i need to get this filled out just a little confused
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    hey where can i buy a 325i logbook? as i brough a car without one? and when i sell car in future i would like one,
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    Hi guys, just got the full logbook through for my car, its a 2001 325 CI SPORT It is down as this in the logbook but I have just noticed the engine capacity is down as 2198cc, which to me is 2.2 not 2.5! Oh dear. Also I believe the 2.2 from 320 coupe sports isnt exactly 2198cc anyway, isnt it...