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    I hate the fact that my first post on here is an issue related one but, such is life! I have an E65 730LD 56 plate on 107,000 miles, i recently managed to get a nail in my front nearside tire so swapped this for my spare temporarily. Since i did this i have this weird problem.. Basically when...
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    Hey all :) Okay some of you might have heard about a boy called "Ray" who stumbled out of a forest and into Berlin last year September. He said after his mom died in a car crash, him and his dad took to the forest and lived there for 5 years. After his father died, he buried him and walked...
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    As per this post the time has come to buy my Dad a new motor. He is not interested in an e46 (and tbh I have had one and wasn't overly impressed) so that's out of the picture. Hence we have been looking at a straight choice between the IS200 or Merc C Class 200k or 240 with a slushie box...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    I have to share this funne with you This is a real live sat nav pick taken from close to where i live. You been there lately? Red! It's no joke - I used to go there when I was younger - LOL PMSL :applause:angel::jump:rofl