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  1. Need to find a switched live

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Can anyone help ! I need to find a switched live in the front set of fuses my 2006 525D 6 speed auto I am having a bit of trouble finding one I thought the cigarette lighter fuse would be in the front glove box but for some reason it is in the back in the rear drivers side fuse box. and would be...
  2. Low Charge Air Pressure (Ladedruck) in INPA live values

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    So basically live INPA details showing desired and actual values show that Charge Air pressure is low even at Idle. The desired value is about 1000 and the actual is more like 800 and it is idling like that. I understand that MAP sensor is responsible for measuring this in Inlet manifold and...
  3. 2007 118i lci e87 ignition live?

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Looking for an ignition live for a dash cam. Can anyone help? I read some where fuse 23?
  4. 2007 118i ignition live?

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Can any one tell where an ignition live is for a dash cam to be fitted.
  5. BMW E46 320d switched live fuse for amp remote

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    Hi peeps, I've just finished installing an amp and subwoofer, and am looking for a switched live fuse to connect the remote wire to. Can't find one anywhere, after so much googling! Can anyone suggest which fuse I can connect to please? I want the amp power to only come on when the ignition...
  6. F07 True Switched Live (ignition)

    General BMW Discussions
    I sent my headlights to Headlight Retro Fits Uk (HRF) to have DRLs brightened and halogen projectors changed to Xenon. Also sequential Indicators were fitted inside the brow. I had to remove the headlights myself as they are based in Glasgow I'm in Taunton, not up for 9 hour drive one way...
  7. Ignition Live

    Auto Electrical Forum
    I am looking for an ignition live from the fuse box under the bonnet of a 66 plate 420D. I am going to hardwire a dash cam to start/stop with the ignition. Anyone know which fuse to use?
  8. Ignition switched live

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Anyone help with ignition switched live from the fuse box under the bonnet on a 66 plate 420D, needed for a dash cam supply.
  9. F33 Jump Start Points In Engine Bay - Are They Always Live?

    BMW 4 Series - Tech Talk F32,F33,F36,F82,F83
    Just bought a 2 year old F33 having owned an E39 for the last 15 years. As the vehicle stands for sometimes two weeks at a time I want to be able to connect my ctek trickle charger to the vehicle, however! I can't for the life of me find the battery, I assume that it is tucked away somewhere...
  10. 2005 E90 - Switched live for aftermarket angel eyes

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi all, I'm fitting a set of aftermarket angel eye headlights to my E90 this week. The instructions suggest wiring the LED rings to the sidelights, but i want to wire them to always be on. I can crack the multi-meter out if need be, but i thought i'd see if anyone knows an obvious wire i can...
  11. E91 permanent live location - in fusebox?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi, I have a 2010 E91 318i and I have fitted an aftermarket head unit. I need a permanent live feed for it (radio station memory & clock, etc). From what I've read, it ideally needs to come from terminal 30g-f. Can I take this feed from the fusebox and if so, where in the fusebox is it? The...
  12. Yellow/constant live connection on aftermarket wiring loom??

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    Hi I'm fitting and aftermarket HU in my E87 120d. The connect2 wiring loom has a constant live/yellow and would like to know the best place to connect it?? I have read on forums that some fusebox positions go off after 15/20mins. many thanks in advance Zama
  13. Help, E90 320d live data readings

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Is there anybody on here with a understanding of temp, egr, maf, readings. I've recently noticed my car is a bit hesitant on the accelerator when engine is warm. I've scanned it for codes but nothing has come up. Egr pct. between 12-14 Egr err -0/-3 Catemp11 (c) 136 Baro (kpa) 100 IAT (c) 45...
  14. F20 ignition live fuse

    Auto Electrical Forum
    I've hard wired in a dashcam on my wifes F20 and used what I thought was an ignition live fuse from the fuse box in the boot. However, I got the battery draining warning message so the fuse must be permanently live as far as I can tell. Does anyone know which fuse I can use as a piggy back for...
  15. 320ed - how can I find an electrical circuit that is live only when ignition is on

    BFuk Open Topic
    I am trying to connect dash cams to a circuit that is only live when ignition is on- I can see a number of posts on the subject but cannot find a definitive solution. The cigarette lighter feeds appear to be live all the time - so need to identify a different circuit - preferably from fuse box...
  16. 2010 318D E91 constant live fuse

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    2010 318D E91 I'm planning on fitting a dashcam to constant live feed so whats the best fuse to use with constant live or is there a better way of wiring it in. Cheers Stef
  17. What's a car the size of a 7 Series like to live with on a daily basis?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hey guys and girls, I've been without a car for a while now, and near the top of the large list of maybes is an F01 7 series. My worry is that I haven't owned a car of that size before and I wanted to ask owners what it's like living with a car like that on a daily basis. I live on the...
  18. E93 320i convertible permanent live feed in fusebox

    Auto Electrical Forum
    I've just ordered a Blackvue DR600 GW with a Power Magic Pro to fit into my E93 320i convertible. The Pro requires a permanent live feed and switched feed to work correctly. I don't really want to take a wire through to the battery in the boot, can anybody please advise me which fuse is...
  19. E60 dash cam permanent live

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    Hi guys, hopefully this is the right forum it seemed the closest fit? Anyway after having my E60 hit twice in the last couple of months by persons unknown who were obviously in too much of a hurry to leave me a note, I have decided that I need to install cameras to hopefully catch the culprit if...
  20. E87 true constant live

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    hi just wondering if someone could help me out wired in a stereo to my e87 today and was all working well stored a few stations set up bluetooth then went to work came out of work turned my car on to find the stereo had lost its power as the constant power that is aupplied to the radio isnt true...