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  1. BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    I think I saw 2 Blue M3 convertibles (e36) 1 Yellow M3 Convertible (e36) 1 Red Coupe(e36) 1 "cant remember the colour" (sorry!!) M3 Convertible (e46) 1 scooby All of the above went to the petrol station on the leisure park. I was in the white Mercedes ML opposite the blue E36 with the US...
  2. Scotland Meets
    If any off you are intrested,im in a group called s-2-m we have won a few trophys now a few best club stands up at crail and couple more i have sorted out with the guys about a meet up at fife leisure park jct 3 of the m90,,it is on saturday 12th december kicks off at 8pm we are posting this...