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  1. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hi folks any recommended garages around Leicester shire? thanks
  2. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Any recommendations for BMW specialists in the Leicester area? Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Introductions
    Hi all, I figured that after being a BMW owner for more years than I care to remember, I should finally join an enthusiast site :D My first experience of BMW's was in the 80's when my old Geography teacher and a few of the students in our class used to go out into the Peak District to go...
  4. BMW 1 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 1 Series
    Can anyone reset or recommend anyone that can re sync the rolling code on an 05 e87 m47.
  5. General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, I've had a problem with my 2003 318Ci since I bought it in January. After replacing loads of things (maf sensor, coils, spark plugs, valvetronic sensor, valvetronic motor, yada yada yada) it is still cutting out when the engine is cold & sometimes is very hesitant under 2,000 revs. I've...
  6. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    I have had someone cut me up down drivers side so need to replace both doors and wing, i already got both doors but not confident with doing them myself, the trims need swapping and drivers door needs window motor and key lock swopping, rear door needs rubbers swapping, if anybody knows anyone...
  7. General BMW Discussions
    Just took my car Sytner Leicester to have it checked out. They said I need set of 3 Fuel injectors replacing and will cost approximately £1600. Can anyone please advise me what the price should approximately be? Also if anyone knows of any good BMW garages in Leicester?
  8. Introductions
    Hi guys, I've been a member for a while but I usually just lurk so this is my first post. I've had a few e36s over the past couple of years, some for daily use and some for drifting, my current project is an e36 compact for drifting. I'll take some pictures next time I'm at the unit and start a...
  9. Introductions
    Hi guys im Floz. Currently in Leicester and looking to get a 320d 06 plate onwards in the summer. Thought id ask you guys about them. What should i look out for? Its going to have about 90k on the clock. Is that an issue with bmw's? Thanks
  10. Forum Meets Pictures Album
    A Big thanks to everyone who turned up today. A great meet. shame about the weather but I hope everyone had a good time Just some pics I took on my camera and Finally a Video of mykez leaving the building....Put your speakers on for this one! Leicester Meet 3rd June...
  11. Midlands Region Meets
    Hey Guys, 1st Leicester Meet. This meet is open to Everyone to come to, Friends, Family, Kids ( they have a play area in this pub). Also it would be nice to put a names to faces for new and old school Forum members. Details for the Meet Location - Paprika Watermead‎ 510 Melton Road...
  12. Introductions
    Hello My name is Anish Have finally managed to take some photos of my car which I've owned for just over a month now. Very happy to be a part of the forum!!! The Car BMW 318 CI SE 2001 (51) Pre-Facelift 2.0 Litre N42 4 Cylinder engine @ 148 BHP Titan Silver Sport Interior 17" BMW Alloys Air...
  13. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    hiyall was doing a 160 mph rum eml light came on got home had a look and my oil filler caps gone awol anyone in leicester got one i can buy today please help 07801705184.
  14. BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    I live in Leicester and there are a few cars that I see nearly every single time I go out to wash my car. Blue e60 M5 (i can hear you from 3 miles away) saw coming out from a block next to my flat, god it sounds nice. windows were completely blacked out White e92 335i with black diffuser red...
  15. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    I dropped my alloys off here a week ago today, I wanted them acid dipped as I gave up stripping them myself (there were about 3 layers of paint on them including the original) and the centres painting a specific colour. Graham, the workshop manager, was really helpful, and a nice guy. They were...
  16. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Just had my front control arm replaced and these guys found and fixed the problem within a couple of hours. Very good advice on the phone before hand and quoting me a price which was adhered to ;-) Dropped it off without hassle and collected it early. Very good garage and much much cheaper...
1-16 of 24 Results