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    What do you prefer and why? Looking forward to reading your opinions.
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    First of all.... Hey all! Been a while, you'll have to excuse my absence! :) Right, I am completely un-educated when it comes to the above, however I am nearing the end of a long 4 year apprenticeship and the time has come to look into setting up my own business when i qualify in the summer...
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    Hi, I am looking to either buy a 1 series to replace my MINI or to lease one from Central Contracts. However I am unsure if I lease one there will be more advantages. If anyone has leased a car can you give me some advice on wither this is a good idea? Thank you, Charlotte
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    I'm considering getting a car on lease I wanted some advice Ideally, I want a 2 year lease (not 3 or 4 years) I pay £xxx a month Are there ANY other charges I need to be concerned about?? If something goes wrong with the car - then am I correct in saying that it's covered under warranty...
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    I've never leased before so have no clue... I wanted to know is it possible to buy someone's lease? Say for example someone has a 3 year lease and they have done 2 years - now they would love to get out without paying huge penalties Is it possible for some to 'buy' the last years lease? I can...
  6. BFuk Open Topic
    as title what the pros and cons of leasing a car, id imagine they would hammer you on every defect when it went back and i know if you end up keeping the car its cheaper to buy, but whats the cost of leasing then leasing again
  7. BFuk Open Topic
    Hello, What do you recommend? buying cash or financing (then the cash can grow in a saving account) or leasing? thanks vincent
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    I'm thinking of leasing a new BMW I've tried googling and am a bit stoned at having read many threads! I want a 5 series I'd like a 2 year lease (unless a 3 year one is much better price wise) Main thing I don't want: paying for fixing any faults New cars come with a warranty right? So I...