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  1. Leaning BMW 325i (2007)

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi All, New to being a BMW owner, posted recently and was very impressed with the speed of replies converning roof not closing with fob My latest query is that I have noticed from behind, my car is noticably leaning down on the drivers rear side I've booked the car in to the garage to take a...
  2. Leaning 330ci coupe (help)

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi i have a 2000 330ci coupe and it leans to the right hand side, the difference is about 1" lower than the near side. I have replaced the rear springs but it still leans does anybody know why ??? or how to fix this ?? (Help) as this is really annoying :mad
  3. 2000 E46 330i, Help, my rear is leaning

    BMW Chassis and Brakes
    Hi Can any body help ? i have a 2000 330ci coupe and have noticed that it is sitting lower on the drivers side rear than the other :frown (and before you say anything its not when im in the car :hihi) I have not long had the car and i was told it had sport suspension as it sits low anyway , i...
  4. 2003 E46 330D - Leaning after filling up!

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Always thought my car looked a bit wonky from the back, but didn't really bother me. Filled her up completely today for the first time since I've owned it and my god its worse!! I'm guessing the time has come to replace my shocks and springs?? Car has done 118k, so guessing they have just given...
  5. 2000 E46 328ci leaning to the left

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    ive just recently got an e46 coupe and it when driving it kept going to the left and i would have to correct it by keeping the steering wheel slightly to the right. I had my tracking done and the garage said that they have aligned all the wheels but the camber is slightly off. after driving...