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  1. E92 335d leaky oil filter housing gasket

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    I’ve located my oil leak to oil filter housing gasket. Is this handy enough changed? Do I have to remove coolant pipe from oil cooler? Any guides on here? Can’t seem to find anything
  2. E93 Leaky boot. How easy is seal replacement?

    Technical Guides for the E90, E91, E92, E93, F30.
    Hello everyone. I'm just after some advice. I have an E93 320D LCI (2010) that has developed a leak into the boot. Luckily enough it only happens on the passenger side, and the cubby hole fills with up to 1cm water after heavy rain. The side the battery is in is fine (touch wood) I have...
  3. 335d Leaky Red Boost Hose

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    I've been researching online for the famous leaky boost hose on my E92. Ordered a new one with seals and I'll be attempting to change it this weekend. Does anyone know of a guide where pictures are included? Most of the threads are 5+ years old therefore images have been deleted. From what...
  4. F11 2012 520d leaky shock front.

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi Guys, Recently noticed a leak on the front right shock. So, at the moment looking for best replacement parts. BMW parts - £574 for the pair + labour. I was told to go for Bilstein as these are better or same as BMW ones. Bilstein does different versions of those. B4 - around £110 - 130 a...
  5. m20 this looks like a leaky head gasket to me

    BMW 5 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E12
    had this car a couple of months now, just got it starting and running good but have always had this oil leak. when i changed the cambelt on it not long ago i also changed the cam shaft seal as this is what i was hoping that the leak was. the leak is still very much apparent and i was then...
  6. Leaky dipstick tube 330d

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Dipstick tube had leaking o ring in sump so replaced it with genuine o ring and still leaking. What next??
  7. 2011 F10 Leaky boot?

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    On odd occasions, mostly when very cold and only done several short journeys around town, I'd had the warning come on the dash saying the battery charge is low. Having taken the immediate action drill - ignore it and see if it'll go away :-) Done the odd longer journey and the warning didn't...
  8. Leaky boot

    General BMW Discussions
    When my Touring went in for it's mot and Inspection 2, the mechanic (whom I trust) said that a lot of water had collected in the area of the the spare wheel. He said he'd have to take off the lining in the inside of the car to be able to correctly trace the source of the leak. I did notice...
  9. Leaky e39 touring rear air springs - help needed urgently please!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hello all, I recently replaced my rear air springs with new units. the installation went fine but after everything was fitted i noticed that both bags still have a leak. it's coming from under the brass cap. I assumed it was the o rings and after removing both caps i found that the left hand...
  10. '99 318i: need help with leaky electrics

    Auto Electrical Forum
    hi guys, could use your expertise to diagnose the source of the current drain in my wife's 1999 318i (4dr manual, e36 i think...). first chilly night deaded the battery, so i bought a new one, which is now a spare... because that went flat the next night. both have been fully recharged and seem...
  11. Parts Number Required (DISA VALVE: e46 2000 318 1.9)

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hello Folks, Hope I'm posting correctly. Can anyone tell me if there's any way of find out the correct parts number for the leaky DISA valve we have on our 318 (1.9) e46 (2000)?. BMW parts aren't allowed to tell me and my next option is to dismantle the problem area to find it! Better still...
  12. 2003 325i sport leaky coolant

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hey, Before i start to dismantle parts around the expansion tank is there any other places i could be leaking coolant from? Iv topped it up twice now but after so many miles obviously the coolant light comes on (yellow one) i thought i might be having issues with the head but it seems there is...
  13. z3m leaking roof seals.

    BMW Z Series - Tech Talk Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8, Z9
    Hi everyone, I have a1999 z3m whilst I think the roof is actually sound I sometimes get a wet passenger footwell, I want to replace the seals this year but not sure where to buy and where to get it done, I stay in Glasgow so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Peter:)
  14. 2001 330D Tourer - Leaky rocker cover :(

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I'm slowly reeling in all the problems wit my car, so far I have dealt with all the performance issues and now it's down to the niggles. I've smelt a bit of burning oil in the car on odd occasion and after investigation I noticed that I've got a slight oil leak below the air filter on the...
  15. 1997 E36 318i - leaky oil pan

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Morning all, my car is leaking oil around the nut area (place where oil is drained during an oil change) of the oil pan. I have noticed a small puddle on the floor for the past two days. Can you guys tell me if there is any temporary fix for this solution like using a some kind of sealant to...
  16. 1999 e31 - leaky air con

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    This is one thing I did know about when I bought it and I was hoping for a quick recharge as usual. I had half a tin of aircon recharge stuff so gave it a go. Bugger all. It's obviously leaking straight out somewhere. I know this is a bit of a stupid question but I really don't have much of a...
  17. 2000 E36 Z3, leaky roof driving me NUTZ!!! (with image)

    BMW Z Series - Tech Talk Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8, Z9
    Hi all...please advice needed. I bought my Z3 about a month ago, love however, now the rain has arrived I'm springing the odd leek in the rear window, this is causing MAJOR inside condensation. I looked at forums about fixing this and a few suggested black silicone... the window itself has NO...
  18. 2006 E46 320cd - Leaky windscreen

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I had a new windscreen fitted, getting on for two years ago when I gained a massive crack in it. It now seems to be leaking from the passenger side. I say 'seems' because I'm not 100% sure. A few months ago on a hot summer's day, I was driving to the shops and suddenly water started dripping...
  19. 2003 E46 318ci convert - update on sat nav & leaky boot....

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi all - i posted here a while ago re sat nav prob in my 318.....i cant find my old post to give you an update - so sorry if im posting in wrong section...anyway...seems we have found the sat nav was waterlogged - which has come from water leak in the roof...i will explain as best...
  20. 1998 E36 323i - Convertible leaky roof seal

    General BMW Discussions
    Evening all. I would like to start off by introducing myself and saying what an excellent job all you guys/gals are doing. Thanks to you guys I've managed to retrofit parking sensors, 18 button OBC, full leather interior and an arm rest. You people are heroes!! I have an E36 323i Cab which came...