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    just canvassing see if there is any interest from anybody who would be interested in buying BMW INPA/EDIABAS ready laptops supplied with interface cables,car chargers pre loaded and set up with INPA/EDIABAS pre tested ready to go for BMW's up to 2007 (pre DCan) can read all BMW specific...
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    hi guys and girls cheapest acer 3gb laptop ive seen these guys have sold over 570 today just incase thought i would do a daily doggy reccomendation top deal for you
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    ok im looking at a refurbed laptop for my daughter for xmas, i dont want a new one as she is 7, her sister is 3 and it will have some pain:frown im thinking of around 180 crinkley bottom groats, not being particulary computer minded im thinking for that money im looking at 1 gig ram 60 gig hard...