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  1. BMW Engine Conversions
    Can anyone point me into the right direction as to what engine I should use. I have all the mechanicals in place just need help on engine selection. As I understand it will be a lot easier to run a M57D30 engine with dde4 ecu. I would like to run the M57D30TU engine - 2003 150kw...
  2. Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi Guys, I have seen a few posts from a few years back on various forums but they never seem to advise how they managed to fit the wheels. I have purchased some Landrover mondials which are 5x120 - good start! But now the problems seem to kick in. The wheels come with landrover lug nuts - too...
  3. BMW Engine Conversions
    anyone heard of it being done
  4. General BMW Discussions
    Hi All My old Landrover needs a companion and Ive decided to buy a (used) BMW for the motorway work but which one? (between £5000 - £7000 to spend) It needs to be smallish but with four doors and a I fancy a fairly large engine because I'll be doing low mileage.. So what series 3 or 5 and...