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    Hi to everyone, just joined the gang. Bought my first BMW yesterday, 2005 black 320ci M sport convertible with beige leather. Love the beige, I'm at that age where beige is fashionable or so I'm told. Former MG enthusiast now grown up. Looking forward to being part of the gang. Very best regards...
  2. General BMW Discussions
    :hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper:hyper Just got back from fetching it :D More photo's tomorrow in the daylight.... Right chuffed with it :thumbsup
  3. General BMW Discussions
    Finally took delivery today. It arrived at midday and insisted that it was delivered on trailer as my last 5 had a massive stone chip on the bonnet when delivered as they drove it to me.:jaw-dropping Well its a 520D SE with added factory tints and presented in Sophistico Grey and finished with...