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    This car has been up for sale twice ish. the ks8 kit was bought from Koenig Specials in Munchen and fitted by an independent body shop in France. The lambo doors are a bit much 4me and the wheels look like they are from a pimp mobile. the paint! the paint is ok as a prep for a repaint, to black...
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    How cool are these? :hihi ‪Disappearing Car Door‬‏ - YouTube
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    Right then gents. I can never say enough good words about my girlfeind :hihi My 30th is at the end of the month but she's got me a present that I needed to sort out before the day..... So, tonight she very kindly presented me with a gift pack for a driving day with either a Gallardo or a...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    just wondered what everyone opinions are on these? i know a lot of people find them chavvy and stuff. am i the only one who think they can be cool.i mean...why not make getting into the car more interesting? i dont plan on putting them on my car but if i did this is what they would look like:
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    Hi guys, my 2nd post on here, hope i posted it in the right section.:thumbsuplool i also want lambo doors on my black e46 318 ci, i have found lambo door kits (universal) on ebay for like £200, however im not sure if they are good or not, and also i cant seem to find anyone who knows how to...
  6. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    well after long thought and much consideration, i disided to have them fitted and am well please with the results, i know it not everyones cup of tea, but hey the car is mine and i can do what i want, let the piss take commence and here she is
  7. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    This lambo was booked in for a protection detail as the customer had a new more expensive pearl white Gallardo on order and was selling this one so wanted it looking its best ready for sale :D Car looking pretty grubby on its arrival at the unit. I'm sorry for the lack of wash procedure...
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    nom nom nom How much would you like one of these?
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  10. BFuk Open Topic
    Guys am getting bored, can think what else to do to the car, so i was thinking lambo doors, i do really like them and at £275.00 there not to bad, whats you thoughts