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    I am looking at the 2 Series Gran Tourer as a family car. Three kids (12,11 and 9) two of whom are still in forward facing child seats - not boosters. BMW claims that this car allows for 3 children's car seats across the second row but as a VW Sharan owner I am unsure that that 60:40 seat split...
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    Hi everyone, hope you are well. Ive had a 2005 3.0i Z4 for the last 10 years or so. loved it. now i have 2 kids, and i need a 4 seater convertible. im not sure what to buy. i have around £15k. i really want a 4 seater Z4.... i would ideally like something from say 2012 or newer, with 50...
  3. BMW 1 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 1 Series
    Hi all, First post on hear so looking forward to seeing how I get on. I'm keen to replace my wife's Audi A3 convertible with a M135i(not M1) as kids are probably going to be on the horizon soon and there's no way I'm selling my Clubsport. I'm looking for something which is rapid, practical...
  4. Introductions
    Hi all This may have been posted in the wrong section but here we go. My name is Sy and i own a 2005 e60 M5. This is now my fourth bimmer and love em to bits. I thought i'd join up and let everyone know that i am part of a company called CTR Repairs based in West Sussex in the Crawley area...
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    Hi i have 2 daugthers 4 & 8 and a son 1 . I get my e91 in a couple of weeks any suggestions on best child seats and booster seat that fit well. thanks
  6. BFuk Open Topic
    I joined Twitter yesterday and I'm following a couple of people I find interesting. Not really sure how to use it :hihi read about using # to 'link' things to your comments but not tried that yet. So, who else is on there? and more importantly, who wants to follow me? :D 'OCDaboutCars' Oh and...
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    Hi all Be gentle with me as it's my first post! I am desperate to buy a new 3 series, specifically an E90 ideally (either 320d or 325i....low mileage driver so probably the latter). However as the title suggests my question relates to space and practicality. I have a 3 yr old and another on the...
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    Makes me laugh too :hihi YouTube - ‪The Annoying Orange‬‏
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    I am fuming, what is it with kids thinking they own the roads nowadays? I was jus going through Coalville my local town and saw 4 kids on bikes up ahead on opposite pavement, nothing coming towards me on the road or any cars in front, as i get about 20 feet away from them they all bolt across...
  11. BFuk Open Topic
    I just been told by the mrs that the kids break up from school today for 2 weeks that means less working on my car :( :jaw-dropping cant wait for them to go back already hmmmm wonder if theres any all day playgroups i can send them to lol
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    How many people on here that come from the 60's/70's or even 80's can remember leaving the house at the crack of dawn on the bikes or whatever and the parents give not a jot as to where they are(they will come home when hungry)so your out all day pack up or whatever doing what the hell you like...
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    Never trust your kids on Facebook, little git changed my status to 'I'm Gay' and I hadn't noticed as he turned off all my notifications..... so I didn't get any comments. Little bar-steward.
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    [URL=""][/track santa ] thought members with kids might like this you can track santa on google earth or google maps merry christmas to all