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    Happy Birthday Kevin. All the best,Mate :thumbsup
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    having seen these guys dip into the 8 series posts quite often it is very obvious that one of them needs to bugger the Porsche off and get an 850CSi (he seems to be the one with the cash) and the other one lists fixing and maintaining as his hobbies so needs to find a reasonable 840 to tinker...
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    As title really. Big thanks to Kevin for the 6x9 adaptors for just the cost of postage :thumbsup Cheers :cool
  4. BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    Saw you tonight mate :) Car was looking sweet we went to the Asda under Ground then up the retail park at Halfords. Was a poor turn out tonight cause of the weather.
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    haha! me and a mate decided to go to a somerfield car park near us (obvious backdrop lol) and take some pics of my baby... so there we are snapping away, when the police turn up! :O lol then as they are asking us what we were doing.. another one turns up assuming there was trouble! lol when...