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    Total scum gets his just desserts
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    Well, we all know how great Akra is and their work in designing performance exhaust. I have heard a lot about the titanium systems, and I believe the one in the video is hella system. What do you think? Feel free to school me :D Knowledge is forever welcome...
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    paedophiles and muggers getting police cautions:shifty: but then police tried to drag 3 blokes to court for merely taking food thats thrown away:sarcastic talk about easy convictions for the crimes solved figures and statistics... bagoshite.....:mad
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    Anyone else see this video? Some yob picks on a random guy in his own property and harrasses him and urges him into a fight for ages, eventually the guy knocks the yob out in one go and the yob crawls off the guy's property. Just so turned out the guy he picked on was a Gulf War veteran, a...