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  1. Introductions
    Hi Guys and Galls, Have been in the modding game for quite some time, previous cars have included 4 E46 M3's, E60 M5, E63 M6, BMW X5 4.8is, MB CL55 AMG kompressor, MB S55 AMG Kompressor, MB SL55 AMG Kompressor, 2 x SLK55 AMG to name just a few, all of which got modded, had a break from cars for...
  2. Introductions
    hi, ive jus bought my 1st bmw, a 1996 320i touring in black. looked for 1 that was worth the money for a while, as i only wanted 1 for a bit af fun i didnt want to pay to much for 1 nd this was goin for under £500. between me and a mate she was lowered and the diff was welded up about 2 hours...
  3. General BMW Discussions
    my mates just picked up a 325 4dr from london and on his way to my house now (nottinghamshire) and im makin a cuppa in a minute... i envy no man :D