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  1. Moving from jaguar

    General BMW Discussions
    Hey everyone, I hope ur all well, I have been a jag enthusiast since I was around 6 years old, it’s the only car brand I have had since passing my test at 19, I’ve had xtype, stype,Xkr, and I have had most Xj’s at some point. Being a member over the years of the Jaguar forum u regularly see...
  2. the new all electric Jaguar I-Pace anyone ?

    BFuk Open Topic
    will BMW bring out a model to compete with Jaguars new all electric I-Pace SUV ? The I-Pace features an all-new aluminium platform with the 90kWh lithium ion battery pack sat between the axles. Total power of 395bhp and 700Nm of torque is split equally across...
  3. OE Jaguar Tyres on a BMW?

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi all, This might seem like a stupid question but I really don't know the answer so I don't want to assume anything. I'm looking at a set of used Pirelli P Zero tyres, they are the new ones that were launched this year. They came off a Jaguar, so their OE fitment is "J". Here comes the...
  4. Will Pirelli P zero runflat tyres 275/35/19R (Jaguar) fit BMW

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi all, Now I have got my clutch changed, I realise my rear tyres need replacing also. This probably sounds like a stupid question, but does anyone know if Pirelli P zero runflat tyres 275/35/19R (Jaguar) will fit my F10, which takes 275/35/19R? Its just that some websites specify a Jaguar...
  5. My "new" other car - Jaguar XK8

    not a BMW
    As requested by other members, some pictures of my other car that I picked up yesterday afternoon. She hasn't been tidied up yet, no clean, wax or polish. It looks like it hasn't been done in a long time so I've got some busy days ahead of me. It's a lot of car for the prices they are asking.
  6. jaguar to bmw

    General BMW Discussions
    hi guys this is my first post somplease go easy on me, my names lee and i currently drive a jaguar xj, im 28 years old and have 5 jags since i passed my test, i really love the cars but im getting fed up with little niggles all models seem to get. so after much thought im going to leave...
  7. e36TDS in old jaguar -pin numbers for oil/ water/revs?

    BMW Engine Conversions
    I have a 2.5 tds fitted in an old jag (complete under bonnet installation), and would like to try and connect the jag oil water and revs gauges to the bmw emgine sensors - which I guess are wired through the connector - I have for example also re used the reversing light switch also from that...
  8. Hello all! Temporary refugee from Jaguar

    Hi folks. I'm a Jag owner who has decided to try BMW for a change. I love the Jag styling, and have always hated BMW interior and exterior design, but the Jag models I can afford all have slightly too much Ford in them and it shows. Crappy switchgear, costcutting designs, and creaks/rattles...
  9. Jaguar xkrs-some pics for you to enjoy

    BFuk Open Topic
    BEAUTIFUL CAR,JUST BEAUTIFUL Sorry if its a repost but thought id share
  10. Jaguar XE, Is this the New E type??????????

    BFuk Open Topic
    Porsche, Aston and Ferrari, run for the hills chaps, Jaguar is gonna kick you arse with this stunning modern take on the E type:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup
  11. 2004+ Jaguar with Autobox - squawk/screech/squeel

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, Anyone experiencing this with your automatic gearbox? 1. under hard acceleration, if you use kickdown (i.e. floor it! and your autobox drops from say 4th to 3rd to accelerate quickly) do you ever hear a squawk/screeching noise???? Jaguar technically refer to it as the "squawk" ! I...
  12. E60 530d versus Jaguar XFV6 luxury 3.0d

    General BMW Discussions
    Hey all (mods please move if this not the appropriate area), So hear I was sunning it up in IBIZA and I bought a What car magazine because it compared the latest jag XF d against the 530d, ie my car! now without giving too much away, and I haven't seen any tv or web footage, but damn the...