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  1. Maintenance costs and depreciation: M3 vs Jag XKR vs AM Vantage?

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Looking at buying one of the above three. What is the average maintenance cost of a E92 M3 vs a Jag XKR or a AM Vantage? People say Jags and AMs are expensive to service and maintain but to be fair BMW can't be cheap. ON top of yearly service costs what sort of costs are people being hit with...
  2. Oh dear oh dear now it Jag drivers turn

    BFuk Open Topic
    BMW drivers have been slagged off for years then it was Audi drivers turn to be slagged off but todays bad drivers are in Jaguars ;)
  3. E36 2.5 tds in a jag - clutch pedal position sensor function?

    BMW Engine Conversions
    I have (successfully) installed my `95 6 cyl tds and box into a jag replica - car drives fine, but not developing full power . I have replaced MAPsensor, and air temp sensor, but no change. Plugged into diagnostics, nothing obvious showing other than error codes showing faults on; - fuel...
  4. E36 TDS in a jag replica (yep done it!)

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Image attached of the car - no not genuine, but does look it - all period fittings/ old leather n stuff. Took me 5 years and fools everyone. 2.5 tds fits a treat, sounds lovely with twin stainless exhaust, starts/ stops drives fine but......sluggish. It seems lazy picking up- no whoosh if...
  5. can I use E36TDS 6 cyl ecu engine speed output wire to power an old jag 6 cyl rev counter?

    Auto Electrical Forum
    classic smiths 6 cylinder rev counter, electronic, in a car now powered by a 6 cylinder bmw E36 TDS. The bmw engine loom plug, X20, pin 20 is engine speed. I am hoping I can use that wire to power the smiths/ jag rev counter. If I understand correctly the original jag signal powering the...
  6. Not a beemer, but I want one!! New Jag

    BFuk Open Topic
    This new Jag is beautiful!! I want one, can't find a price anywhere but be interested in what these would retail at? Jag certainly do it for me with their new range of cars of late...
  7. its not a beemer but you'll love it Jag xk150

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    This car has been booked in for nearly 6 months now and is what I would class as a real sports car. The had a full bareshell restoration just over a year ago now and the owners step son (another detailing hobbiest) spotted the terrible respray bodywork that the restorers had done, Simon then...
  8. Bmw teaming up with Jag ??? Can this be real ???

    Now that I've caught your attention :hihi... I'd just like to say a big HI... and a big thanks to everyone posting great things up in here... never seen a forum this helpful with fantastic people like your selves! Just to introduce myself... my names Ez (for short) lol, sorry for choosing the...
  9. Prescott in a fast Jag with 5th Gear

    BFuk Open Topic
    For those who may not have seen it, I have just caught up with 5th gear's website and spotted this video, Prescott in a fast Jag with 5th Gear; Loved the gag at the end about egging him on :hihi
  10. Jag S Type

    BFuk Open Topic
    Anyone out there ever owned a Jaguar S type?