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    Replacement GAP insurance is superior to the Invoice GAP insurance policy peddled by other brokers and motor dealers - particularly if you're buying a brand new BMW! Whilst having an Invoice GAP insurance policy get you back to the original invoice price that you paid in the event of a Total...
  2. BMW Parts for Sale
    Hi, i have : 1. Manual Transmission fluid MTF-LT-2 (Genuine, invoice present) price per 1L - £15 (2 Litres available) 2. Gear oil Syntetik OSP 75W-90 (Genuine, invoice present) price per 1L - £15 (2 Litres available) Postage mainland £5. Paypal, or cash on collection available. Thanks
  3. General BMW Discussions
    i have just purchased a new 1 series from a main dealer and was told it had LED foglights, I had asked for Xenons but because the car was an unregistered stock I was told I couldn't get the Headlights. So i said I would be ugrading the bulbs and when I got the car home I found it had halogen...
1-3 of 4 Results