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  1. Introductions
    Hi all, My name is Alex and I've just joined the forum. Looking forward to being part of it. I have a 2008 BMW 330i E93 with the N53 engine. I'm looking to share and gain knowledge about the car and all the other models, mainly when things go wrong and need a fix. If you have any queries...
  2. BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hello all, just a quick introduction; I'm an American living in France and I have to admit, I've whisked away one of your wrong sided steering wheeled cars to live with me in France as a project car. As compared to here in mainland Europe the price was much cheaper, even considering the new...
  3. Introductions
    Hi all Had my 3 series about 6 months now and thought i would join a BMW forum Got the link from Piston Heads forum This is my first BM and i a love it I previously owned a couple of old Mercs ( 1990 190 and a 94 W124 2.2 coupe ) I love German cars and thought i would try a BMW and i am not...
  4. Introductions
    Hello Bimmerforum community! Please to meet you all, and even more pleased to hunting my first Bimmer! On the hunt for a Bmw Z3, small engined unfortunately, and have found one close by that im interested in buying. Looking for some buying advice from the community before making an overly...
  5. Introductions
    Hello ! My name is Ali. I am a Medical Physician.,I have got BMW X3 E83 3.0d . Sorry for my bad English in advance :) Nice to meet you. Kind Regards .
  6. Introductions
    Hi new member here! Currently driving a VW Polo 1.2 as a daily but looking to get an E34 540i. Saw some superb threads and amazing advice on this forum so decided to sign up :thumbsup Any advice welcome for buying an E34, still researching a looking for a decent example by which I mean under...
  7. Introductions
    Hi everyone my name is jackie I have just bought a E46 330i ci m sport convertible full bmw history lovely motor really pleased with it
  8. Introductions
    Hi all new to the forum so bare with me looking forward reading and posting. Cheers Alshamal
  9. Introductions
    have just joined so please forgive if I post in wrong section .just to say: many thanks for all the people involved in this forum, its the best I have found :D:D
  10. Introductions
    just got myself a e46 03 lowish miles so joined here why have i bean buying vauxhalls for years il never know carnt see me changing if they all drive like this on
  11. Introductions
    not great on these thing lol just like to say hello :hihi
  12. Introductions
    Hello Bimmerforum Members, My name is Martyn I live in Farnborough, have just joined, as I am new to Bimmer ownership, but not new to the shared addiction of our toys. Recently purchased a baby Bimmer in September it is a 2009 120i se, with 17500 miles colour Metallic Space Grey, & Boston...
  13. Introductions
    Hi Guys, I thought I would put a little post here first before I put up a main one about the car. So I'm on to my 3rd BMW now, all have been 3 series out of a total 9 cars give or take. The first and I consider my first car (just after I wrote off my mums car, sorry mum) was a E30 here she...
  14. Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Pls take a look at my wagon. Her name is Helen.
  15. Introductions
    Hi All Bill from Ayrshire , Scotland here.Looking forward to educating myself in all things BMW. I currently own a 2.0 litre diesel M sport Coupe 2010.
  16. Introductions
    Hi folks, back to owning a bmw bought myself a 320si and much prefer it compared to my audi 2.7 bi-turbo especially the fuel.stumbled across the si in a local dealers and fell in love straight away,had it for 7 months now and only today i found it was the actual car featured on fifth gear which...
  17. Introductions
    Hi I'm Neil, just bought myself an X5 and it's great. I've a couple of small problems that I'm hoping to get help sorting out but other than that very pleased.
  18. Introductions
    Hi Folks, First post - I've just picked up my first BMW at the weekend! Black 2004 E46 330CI M Sport 51K miles, 2 previous owners, brand new 19" BBS alloys, not a mark on the outside. The owner just tax'd and MOT'd it for the sale - he'd only done 5,000 miles in the three years he's owned it...
  19. Introductions
    Hi all! Being new to this site, I thought I'd post a thread introducing myself. I've just bought a 645i and am thrilled with it. I spent a lot of time sifting through various posts on the site prior to buying and found them to be of a lot of help. I previously had a 523i e39, which i was...
  20. Introductions
    Hi all I am new to this forum and look forward to helping and receiving help from you all if I can. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and unlike the Northern Hemisphere, its warming up down here while its cooling down in your half. I own a '96 520I E39 with nearly 300,000k on the...
1-20 of 26 Results