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  1. Introducing my 4.4 Individual

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hi guys thought I would introduce myself I have a 4.4 individual in velvet blue from the uk This wont be to every ones tastes but :cool Checkout my instagram: @bm.sharky
  2. Introducing myself

    Hi I'm Stu and I live in North Notts with my wife and 3 young kids, I've just bought what will be my 4th BMW an e90 318i m sport auto in monte carlo blue the first automatic I've had, all my previous have been big 2.5litre manual machines. First thing I'm going to do is replace the exhaust as...
  3. Introducing HarrieHMJ

    Hello! Introducing myself to this forum, I'm a Dutch Bimmer-lover living in Heerlen close to the German/Belgium border and 49 years of age. Finally I managed to join this great BMW forum! I'm looking forward to read all of the fantastic contributions without the time-limitation. Ever since...
  4. New to the Forum - Introducing myself

    New to the Forum - Introducing myself and ordered an M4 Hello everyone thought I should join the forum now that I will becoming a BMW owner again soon. I currently own a 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo which I am selling in the near future as I have ordered a BMW M4 in Yas Marina Blue with the manual...
  5. E46 2003 330d Touring in Leicestershire - Finally introducing myself!

    Hello all, after being a registered member for a while I thought it was about time I posted a picture of my car (will clean and take more!) plus a bit of information. Purchased back in August - E46 2003 330d Sport Touring with 170k on the clock. Plenty of history and since buying I have had...
  6. Introducing the Le Mons 365 Challenge - Featuring the Z3

    BMW Competition Corner
    Already posted some of this stuff here: But wanted to have a thread dedicated to just Club Le Mons, hope you don't mind! ---- Hello, I am new to this so please be gentle! When I say this I mean both BMW ownership and...
  7. Introducing myself

    Hi there everyone. I am a new user on the site and just wanted to give a big shout to all you BMW owners! I have a z4 e85 2007 roadster in black with red leather. She is a dream car to drive and has black 10 spoke alloys.
  8. New Owner Introducing Myself

    Hi I am a new BMW owner and bought an Ex Police car E61 3.0 diesel. I know what most people think about ex police cars but I have owned quite a few over the years and never had anything major go wrong as long as they are bought direct (until the bmw). Craig
  9. introducing myself! 318is

    Well, I've made a few posts regarding conversions already, but i think its time to introduce myself! I'm Dave, I drive a 1999 e36 318is...well...drove.... currently no engine in it to put a 325 in place this weekend...hopefully... I originally bought it to begin drifting, and i just fell in...
  10. Hi everyone! Introducing my E46 BMW 318Ci Coupe and it's problems...

    Hi guys, I joined here mainly because I'd reached my post viewing limit as a guest. But I figured it would be useful to be able to post as well. :thumbsup I say MY car, it's actually my Dad's at the moment, but I've been thinking about buying it off him as he doesn't use it. It's a 53 plate...
  11. introducing myself and trying to work out how i ask questions :)

    Hi all im mike live near doncaster new to the bmw scene but since buying the 318 the other week ive began to fall in love with her. shes only an old p reg but very nice to drive. needs a few bits doing to it and im beggining to replace parts but on a budget. just bought some new headlights with...
  12. Introducing my 330i Sport Touring '02 plate manual

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Just picked it up. 143k - FSH, immaculate body work (silver), front bushes just done, new Kuomo tyres on the powder coated 18" (I think MV1) alloys. Black sports seats - manual, no lumbar unfortunately but seem good so far as I can tilt them which I couldn't with my old standard seats. I...
  13. Introducing myself...

    Hi all, I am Juan Manuel from Madrid (Spain) and I am new in this forum. I am the happy owner of a ´92 BMW 850i. I bought it twelve months ago and I used to read this forum to learn about BMWs and today I decided to register myself as user. Thank you all and I hope to enjoy with all of you.:jump
  14. Introducing myself

    Dear All It occurred to me that I did not show my ride in my introduction message.. how annoying. Well to cut along story short I am a huge BMW fan, love them.. I'm an E46 guy.. love the shape, love it so much I have had two in a row.. but massive improvement.. 320ci to m3 344bhp no limiter...
  15. Introducing myself

    Alright Fellow members. Thought I would introduce myself, can finally join the community of like minded people.. I have recently upgrade my 320ci to a M3 SMG, I am posting a need for help named BMW E46 M3 SMG - Whining noise from rear. Kind regards Mygestic
  16. Old member re introducing himself with his new car!!

    Good evening everybody, I thought i'd re introduce myself as i havent been on here in a long time and i now have a new car!! My name is Aaron and i have recently become the proud owner of a rather tasty 2001 Le Mans Blue M5 with only 30.302 miles on the clock!!! I'm an M3 man usually but i...
  17. Introducing myself - From South Africa

    Hi everyone. Just a quick hello to introduce myself. I am from South Africa, and a BMW fan so I joined this forum since it seems like a lot of fans visit this site. Currently I have 2 BMW E46 318i's (2000 models) and a 320d (2005 model), and I really enjoy the driving I get from each one of...
  18. introducing myself to the forum

    hi all, just introducing myself to the forum really. the car i have is a 1997 e36 318i convertible which ive just had converted to a 328, with a few little mods. dan
  19. New owner introducing myself

    Hi everyone, The names Adam and I pick my first BMW up tomorrow after years of wanting one. I finally decided to take the leap. I have purchased a 2003 model 320d SE, leather interior with the wooden trim. I am a computer technician currently for a large warehouse but previously I worked for...
  20. Introducing Wiebe GT

    Hello everyone, I'm Wiebe GT (wim Langhout IRL) and a newbie to this forum. I'm from the netherlands and i drive a e39 540i (currently for sale). I had (together with a friend) an 1995 M3 saloon racer witch we totalled at the Nurburgring last month. I'm now looking for information about...