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  1. Interview today @ 6

    BFuk Open Topic
    Ok, im not normally one to post these kinda things but this is a bit out of the 'norm' and a tiny bit out my comfort zone to speak got an interview tonight @ 6, if i get the job it will be a massive step up for me and quite a pay hike, only issue being that my possible new employer and...
  2. an interview without coffee

    BFuk Open Topic
    as the title suggests i really pissed my boss off today:frowni was on a job that had been subbed out to us, i turned up at the customers premises parked on site where security told me, wandered round looking for some one but everyones on lunch, then this gobshite started on about me parking, it...
  3. How do i find a Tele interview from 1996??

    BFuk Open Topic
    As above... I am looking for a GMTV interview from 1996... Where would i start to look?? Any ideas? google has been no help at all....:mad