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    bought an 2002 e46 330d in july and when i bought it i told garage i wanted a full service included in price and they have marked in an inspection2 in the service book(bridgend garage irvine) this was done at 81,000 mls so what type of service come next i know roughly when it needs done just...
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    My local stealers(Stephen James , Ruxley) are offering an Insp 2 for £299 inclusive of VAT.This is cheaper than I can get my local indy to do it for ,they want £300 + vat. Has anyone any experience of using Stephen James?
  3. General BMW Discussions
    Not in a good mood!!! Dropped my car off for Inspection 2 service today to my Independant BMW Specialist - It was on 1 light and also i had the brake lining light come on yesterday so it thought i better not waste any more time. Few other things i had them check was: PDC Sensor - 1 sensor was...