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  1. Importing a M57xx engine to US for GMC SUV. Which one exactly? Need your help please

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Thank you for your help. I am a professional BMW mechanic in the states (Minnesota). My plan is to import an M57 engine with accessories, DDE, intercooler, intake, exhaust, etc. and transplant it into a '99 GMC Yukon SUV. There are many reasons why I want to do this but here are my main...
  2. Importing a 740i from Japan.

    General BMW Discussions
    Good day all. I'm looking at importing a 1999 AC Schnitzer 740i from Japan. 70K miles (116K KM's) on the clock, right hand drive. Before I do I need to know if there are any specific questions I need to ask about the car. Timing chain replacements etc.... I know nothing about these cars...
  3. Importing fees from Germany

    BFuk Open Topic
    Easy guys, looking to buy some alloys from German eBay...the seller is going to send them as two separate pallets which is fair I have to pay any import tax?looked on NRC but couldn't see anything... Thanks
  4. importing engines?

    BFuk Open Topic
    ok guys wonder if any of yous have done something similar. got chance of a engine for good money but its a fair distance away. any idea what the rough costs are and how ide go about importing it
  5. Bargain E46 M3..for that price it may be worth importing it

    General BMW Discussions
    only £2365.30 for this E46 M3 :thumbsup
  6. Importing an E36 Touring to Canada

    General BMW Discussions
    Greetings from Toronto, my first post on your forum. I currently own a US spec E36 M3 Sedan (Saloon) And a 1995 VR6 Corrado (Cdn spec). Two great cars. I have a desire to import an E36 Touring model (LHD) . I am wondering if anyone in the UK knows of a good site or source on the continent for...