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  1. E34 518i Starting Issues

    Auto Electrical Forum
    I have a 1994 manufactured BMW E34 518i. Recently when trying to start the car it has been temperamental in starting. I have to unlock the car with the key fob and start the car within 30 seconds or so anyway, but this has never been an issue. Now occasionally I unlock the car, the...
  2. BMW 2012 1 series coupe (E88) electronic issues

    Diagnostic Hardware and Software Discussion forum
    Hi guys, So from about 5 days ago I tried to start my car as normal but realised that upon entering the key fob into the ignition slot a warning light appeared on my dash saying that the fob had ran out of battery (long story short, I had to order a new key due to both of my current keys not...
  3. 1998 e39 523i immobaliser activated

    Auto Electrical Forum
    i recently had camshaft sensor fitted i locked car and left bonnet on latch for mechanic to get access to fit sensor on return home i tried to start the car and nothing happened dash lights are bit erratic no radio or heater aircon control lights and indicator flashing not been able to start...