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  1. euro driving holidays

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    anyone done this, thinking switzerland, via france and the tunnel, what ballpark figure would this cost
  2. Performance car hire/driving holidays

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    Hi all, I am still here but with no BMW :mad Does anyone know if there anywhere you can hire an Escort Cosworth from for the day or an R34 Skyline? Looking at performace car hire, Ferrari's etc.. for the day and the price is through the roof plus alot won't even touch anyone under 25 or 30...
  3. which operators do you book holidays with?

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    are there any hidden gems? or is it just the usual thompson airtours thomas cook?
  4. holidays off work

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    i have a weeks holls left to book from work they have told me im not aloud to book it before november or after december so today ive try to book a week and been told that every week has been book by other staff so 1st come 1st served and the rest loose out and loose there holl's. can they do...
  5. why do bank holidays bring out the idiots

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    the garden was a bit of a junk yard so i decided to clean it and take the rubbish to the tip, loaded up the boot, dropped it all off and set off home, 1, driving down a national speed limit road behind a fiesta at 50mph, a kestral came flying out of the hedges with its dinner in claw and...