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hid or xenon

  1. Hello All

    Hi there, I have just Joined finally. I own an e30 convertible and i am sure i can learn a lot from this site. speak soon Syed
  2. Changing Lights for all E90s

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Blackline Rear Light Cluster Today my Blackline rear lights came in so I installed them. Turned out to be a very simple job, took me 45mins in all and most of that time was spent aligning the light units with each other (the small unit on the boot lid and the main unit on the body). I'd...
  3. HID/Xenon Conversion - E36 DIY How To

    Technical Guides for the E36, E30 and E21
    Had some free time this afternoon so thought I'd do a write up - sorry its not more informative and with better images! I opted for a 6000k kit which is pure white with a slight tint of blue, its the brightest and whitest and in my opinion, the best choice. Remember aftermarket Xenon/HID Kit...