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  1. Helloooo!

    Hi, I've been away from this for a while. I just wondered if anyone here has a BMW 330e? I got one last year on a personal lease from GB Car Leasing. The contract ends in July and it's an extra £150PM to extend! I just wondered if anyone knows of any other deals like it around £250pm...
  2. Helloooo!

    Hi folks! So... I'm John, from Essex. No really, I'm from Essex and my name is John... Pretty boring eh! My current (family orientated) steed is a Honda Civic, 58 plate EX 2.2D with about 340nm. I've had her for 5.5 years and she has been amazing. However she is getting a bit long in the...
  3. helloooo !

    Hi all i am dan from kent i am normally a ford man i currently own a mk1 escort but have been searching for a while for a E36 touring with the right spec for my wife as her daily car, she currently has a 2006 astra and hate it and want something oloder with more style and class and i have sold...
  4. helloooo

    i'm a new here, have been a member oe for a while now and StK just bought something off me on Ebay and reccomended i joined so here i am! I have a 1996 318is coupe: and a 316i compact, used to be an E30 boy, i've had ten e30s from 316i to an Mtech 1 325i sport, and also owned a few...
  5. helloooo :D

    hello my name is tj and ive just turned 20 years old :) i have a 2007 vw golf which ive owned since 2007 i also have a corsa 1.2 which is a current project and ive just got a white bmw 320i coupe e36 :) thankyou for accepting me on ur forum :)