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  1. Heel from Essex innit!

    Hello from Essex innit! Hi All, My Son has recently got a 116i and naturally any problems will fall to me to fix! ;) So I thought I'd best join a forum full of good info, so here I am. See you on the forums. :)
  2. 2001 E46 BMW 325ci convertible< Steering heel off centre,is it an easy fix?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi All, My steering wheel is a little off centre and it drives me mad (just wrong) , Is it any easy fix? Thanks :-) Dave
  3. Does anyone else heel and toe?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Evening peeps:thumbsup Just a quick query, does anyone heel and toe when driving their car? I have been doing this ever since i learnt to drive, not sure why either but i just have and i even got docked on my driving test for it:hihi. Never thought much of it until i was told apparently it is...
  4. Any know whats up with my heel? (Health Question)

    BFuk Open Topic
    How's this for open topic BFuK! lol Making full use of the services here! hehe - it's just a general stab in the dark to see if anyone knows what the discomfort is in my heel. Here's my symptoms: After sitting/laying down for an hour or two + i stand up and get the worst pain in my heel, it's...