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    Hi there, I'm from italy and drive a bmw x1 18sd step8. My first bmw and just love it! Surfing the net just found this terrific bmw forum and wanted to join it! Have you guys a good day. Salvatore
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    I am the proud owner of a 2005 E60 520i and it has been a smooth ride apart from a few issues to do with the gearbox which I sorted by getting another gearbox and irritating squeaky noise from the rear seats......any solutions for this one
  3. Introductions
    Names Kevin and Saturday I picked up my first bimmer! :D She's a 535D M Sport Touring Got a couple of issues right away but nothing major spotted yet. Will be hooked up to a computer tomorrow to see if anything not displayed is wrong. As it stands I got it about 1-2k cheaper than anything...
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    Hello, my name si Kristijan, and im from Zagreb Croatia. We have few BMW forums but I come here to find some answers... In croatia my tipe BMW is very very rare so I can't find any tuning parts for it... :shifty::shifty: I have e46 230td COMPACT So, i come here to see if someone can help...
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    Hi everyone, I have finally acquired my bmw 325i :) v6 = fun e36 Don't know a shed load about BMWs as I'm half volvo half BMW so Im hoping to learn alot had a look through guides which are great :) working on a posting an oil change guide so watch this space Thanks people
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    Greetings all, well yet another newbie joins the ranks and dont worry i wont dissapoint and shall persist in asking stupid questions that your all bored of answering, ill keep it short, my name is kieran or ron for short ive got 2 bmw's e34 520 and an e36 328 touring love them both far to much...
  7. Introductions
    new to owning a BMW, new to the forum. I hope to find answers to any questions I have hear. Please be kind, i am still learning ;)