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  1. Mac user - Have I been hacked!?

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    Hi folks, I was browsing online yesterday, and then while searching for a document in my finder, I noticed something worrying. In the left hand column of the finder, something was there that should not be there. It showed a PC as a shared device on my machine. There should be no such thing...
  2. Phone hacking

    BFuk Open Topic
    This has got pretty serious and sordid all of a sudden with the Milly Dowler revelations. I'm just watching News24 and the journo Hugh Grant bugged is on, Paul McMullen. My god, he's an odious little rat, isn't he? Has anyone seen him on TV? Really typifies what tabloids and the journos who...
  3. E65 insides. Hacking the MOST, CAN & LIN Buses and Devices.

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    This Spanish guy rips the interior of his e65 apart. Very useful site.