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  1. New Guy

    Hi all, I'm new here on the forum. I was an active member of a different forum when I had my old car, but new circumstances meant getting an estate car, something I don't regret one bit with the E91. I've had my BMW since Spring last year and have been meaning to sign up on here for a while...
  2. New Old guy throwing his hat in the ring

    Hey there all, I was quite glad to see there is a site such as this one that can gather information and ideas about what to do and how to play with BMW's. I have just today purchased a used 1987 318i which is the car I learned to drive on as a young man. I must have been feeling rather...
  3. New Guy from South Africa

    Hey Guys, Newbie here, joined this forum so I can learn alot from previous experiences. I have a 2006 E90 320D Auto, I love the car. Cheers
  4. hey,i'm a new guy here,and new question for you

    Hi,everyone,is there any body use or hear about or see this device?I hear about its power before but worry about its quality,its name called multi spark discharge,any suggestion would be really appreciated.
  5. New guy needs advice, 2009 3 series convertible rear lights.

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    I own an e93 (I think) 2009 3 series convertible. I just had a slight knock on the rear end and it has caused the outer casing glass to smash a little bit on the drivers side rear lights. The lights work fine, it just caused a small bit of the outer (coloured glass) to crack/smash. Is there...
  6. new guy with 318 ti sport

    hi . newbie here im from manchester and a bmw has come into my hands so i thought i would talk to people who know bmws .JUst acquired a 318 ti sport dakar edt . in stunning yellow .dont know much about them except its got full factory fitted m tech everything its done 111k but drives like brand...
  7. 318D new guy

    hi guysm im jess, also know as sandy due to me being a male, haha i have a 318D E90 silver, can not remember if i posted i don't think i did. so want to say HI to you all. I have a good understanding of cars, just not specifically BMW, I made the only Gauge conversion for the 8th gen Type...
  8. New Guy and my BMW

    Hello guys just introducing myself, Just bought an 03 plated BMW 318i 2.0l petrol saloon, and wanted to get a forum where i can chat over things. Few things i'll check the forums for answers for, but if anyone has a quick reply on the following that would be awesome. Passenger door doesn't...
  9. This guy needs to named and shamed

    BFuk Open Topic
    Oh dear god... needs to named and shamed
  10. Noo guy

    Hey folks, E36 noob here from Perth West Oz, previously owned E39 535i and E53 4.4 I recently bought my first 3 series, E36 1993 RHD 320i auto. Paint is a little rough on the roof, bonnet and boot but the interior is very VERY good. H
  11. New guy, old car

    Hi im new to the forum About my car, its a 1995 (e34) bmw 540i M-sport 6-speed. They only built 139 of them and its my forever car, i will never get rid of it as it checks every block for me. it is my daily and i drive it in snow, rain, shine every day. Hope to meet some of yall and make some...
  12. New Guy With A 20 Year Old E36 Looking for Help Keeping It A Runner

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hello, I am Andrew the proud owner of a 1995 e36 318is with automatic transmission. No air conditioning, no computer, no leather, no toys. For the life of me I can't figure out what the 's' gives me but it is on the log book, but not on any badging. The car has done over its life less than 60K...
  13. Hi new guy here ive stepped over to the dark side .. cant wait to get my car on the 25th

    My name is jonnie im from manchester , ive owned audis and vw mainly but the 330d estate has tempted me to join bmw , i pick her up on the 25th and want to get modding straight away lol .. im loking at the lci lights ive already found a boot and lights , but im looking for harnesses and coding...
  14. New guy....

    Hi everyone, first time on the site, looking forward to finding a few bits and bobs for my e21 and my e36 touring and hopefully being able to help out a few people along the way! Cheers Dan
  15. BMW specialist / friendly guy with spanner in SURREY?

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Can anyone recommend a decent garage to take my e30 to in Surrey / SW London? Never been a BMW guy and until now I have used specialist peugeot / Jap car guys for my other cars. All recommendations from Guy in shed to Large garage! Just want someone who is familiar to work on it! Thanks in...
  16. new guy from edinburgh

    Hi guys. Picked up a e46 320d saloon today, hope to get involved in the forum
  17. New guy, looking to buy a BMW E46

    Hi guys, new to the forums. Currently a Hyundai Coupe owner but I'm looking to upgrade to a E46 Coupe :) Been reading on the forums and I like what I see! There are so many nice cars on here! I would also like to get involved in some local meets/cruises. Anything regular that happens in the...
  18. New Guy From Liverpool!

    Hi, Used this forum a lot when deciding to purchase my X5 and helped me out loads when actually buying it, glad to be finally join an be a part of the community! Cheers Daz
  19. New guy from france

    Hi ! Im a french guy, 27yo and car entousiast of course I own a bimmer for fun (track/drift days), wich is an e36 coupe 325i from 1992 with many goodies in it I came here a few times before and have to register now, to talk/share about bimmers ! Have a great day hauL
  20. New guy saying hello..

    Morning people, New to the forum & new to owning a them at work but first time I've owned one. Inherited a 2001 525D from step dad due to him upgrading to an X5... Looking forward to gaining knowledge about maintaining the car. Cheers Dave