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  1. Grrr - Ice!

    General BMW Discussions
    Morning everyone, This is more of a rant here than anything else. As can be seen by when my account was created I am not new here - But I hardly visit, mainly because my BMW never seem to break! 160k now and still the engine pulls like now. Most amazing car I have driven. This car gets stick...
  2. Grrr, Battery Replacement Time....E60

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Quick one (hopefully) I wasn't aware of this re-registering/resetting battery programming malarkey upon battery replacement, but recently had a battery warning pop up (gone now) and noticed the cd changer is having a reload on getting into the car so suspect its on the way out and needs a...
  3. Bought an e93 vert, electrical probs grrr!

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi guys. Purchased a 320d msport vert on an 09 plate on Friday. Pxd my beloved 320d msport coupe as part of the deal. Got less than five mins up the road and the stereo wouldn't turn on. Trouble is the dealer is five hours away! Since then I've realised the park sensors don't sound, the front...
  4. think caravan's should have MOTS!! grrr

    BFuk Open Topic
    ok today i was driving and had a police car behind me then a caravan being pulled by all things a audi q7 comes the other way, then a white big thing comes flying of the caravan so i hit my brakes to miss the sunroof but..... a can of cola was under my armrest and it went well flying! all cola...
  5. e36 1996 318i passenger rear suspension rattle grrr

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi all im new to this forum although i have been meaning to join for ages, ive been part of bmwland for about 2 years, owned bmws since i learnt to drive 4 years ago anyway this is my 3rd e36 and i have a problem, its a rattle on the rear passenger side of the car when going over small bumps...
  6. GRRR! E36 1994 316i riddled with problems.

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Well since I bought the car Ive had many a problem with it. Most have been sorted. The last one was the fact the fuel gague always read empty. I did a binnacle test on this nad shown that it worked. So natural assumption is the sender unit yes? Wrong. Took the car in today for a full service and...