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    Sure to get up his nose. BMW 5 Series M550d xDrive driven full road test car review - BBC Top Gear - BBC Top Gear
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    So following on from my thread Is there a better lead singer of a recent "rock band" than Mike Patton I've just seen NME have a poll running and Mike Patton isn't even listed!(WTF :eek) which means either I am...
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    proberbly not:sarcastic:sarcastic p+ss up and brewery springs to my mind...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    Check this garbage out. Now, quite apart from the fact that he is simply crap in his own right, imagine John Frushanty or whatever his dumbass name is ranking ahead of Slash (!?!?!) and Tom Morello! :jaw-dropping As a guitarist, I find that really quite offensive. I suppose the positive to...