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  1. All this violence from the Spanish government forces looks very disturbing

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    Catalan referendum: 'Hundreds hurt' as police try to stop voters - BBC News
  2. So you take the word of a couple of muppets in government...

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    ...and suddenly you get panic buying fuel. Took me fooking ages to get home due to queues outside stations :sarcastic. And now I have to fill up cos of that :hihi
  3. I know the government is broke, but..

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    There's no need to act like thieves and robbers!! Story - made redundant in March, off to the job centre, gave them all my financial details, including a £500 a month pension starting end April. They said first six months is not means tested etc.. Stopped all my benefits 6 months later, so...
  4. Government scrappage scheme (CAR SOLD)

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    I've got a potential write-off (see However, my girlfriend has just ordered a new car and I'm wondering whether I can take advantage of the government scrapping scheme to save out on losses. We've only been going out for a few...
  5. Government proposal to reduce rural speed limits

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    Guys, I am not normally one for sending letters, but this latest idiotic proposal from the goverment has prompted me to write to my MP. It has infuriated me as it is simply going to penalise us all. Unless we speak up, the goverment are sure to implement this. In short this could see an end...